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Have questions about Equipter?

Florida Equipter Rental, LLC.
What is an Equipter?

Equipter is a gasoline powered, self-propelled lightweight dump trailer. It is made of durable aluminum and can stand up on the toughest jobs. Equipter can be elevated to heights from 7 to 12 feet making roofing, restoration and construction jobs easier.

What is the catch area of the Equipter?

The catch area of the Equipter RB2500 is 6' 10". The lift height for the RB2500 is 7 feet. The catch area of the Equipter RB4000 is 10' 6" and the lift height is 12 feet.

What can an Equipter do?

​The Equipter can enable your crew to manage debris not only better, but also faster. That means you can finish jobs quickly, take on more jobs, and most importantly, increase your revenue and profits.

It can help improve the speed, efficiency and safety of your jobs.

What size engine powers the Equipter?

The RB2500 is powered by a Honda 9HP engine. The RB4000 is powered by  Honda 13HP engine. Once unhitched, It can be driven from the rear of the truck to the on-site location.


How much weight can an Equipter hold?

The RB2500 Equipter can hold up to 2,500 lbs. (1.76 cubic yards) of materials or debris. 

The RB4000 Equipter can hold up to 4,000 lbs.  (4 cubic yards) of material or debris.

Will the Equipter damage lawns or shrubs?

No. The Equipter is equipped with wide tires to prevent tracks on lawns or landscapes under normal conditions. It also has a 4' roll back extension feature, which raises the container up and over flowers and landscaping. 

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