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FL Equipter Rental, LLC.
Dave Nisley is the driving force of Florida Equipter Rental. 


A native of Indiana, Dave first got his start in the construction industry doing sod installation. In 1998, he began his career in landscaping and lawn maintenance where he owned his own business until he found his next business venture - renting Equipter's to the roofing and construction trades.


He bought his first unit with the intention of using it for his lawn business. It wasn't long before he realized how beneficial the Equipter would be for roofing companies.


Since 2014, he has been supplying the state of Florida with Equipter rentals. His fleet has grown from one single unit to fifteen as the demand grew over the years.  Dave understands the value of performing your craft as efficiently, safely and cost-effectively as possible.


Dave believes it's all about working smarter, not harder. When he first saw the Equipter in action, he knew that he could provide contractors with a better way to complete their work by decreasing manpower, increasing productivity and profits.  

The Equipter is a self-propelled roofing trailer that is engineered and built in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by a family-owned company that personally understands the roofing industry's demands.


The custom-built "Roofer's Buggy" was designed, tested, and operated with their own customers, and now its productivity, profitability, and professionalism is available for you.

Call today for more information on how Florida
 Equipter Rental, LLC., can help bring your business to new heights!  (941) 302-7823.


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