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Florida Equipter Rental, LLC.

When the nearly 4,000-lb capacity container is full, position the RB4000 lift next to a trailer, truck, or dumpster under 12-feet high. Then simply raise the container and unload it using the hydraulic tailgate.


The RB4000 runs on a 13-horsepower Honda engine that takes it virtually anywhere on a jobsite. With a tight turning radius to navigate difficult spots and evenly distributed weight, it reduces the risk of property damage—and it won’t leave ruts in customers’ lawns.

The RB4000’s 12-foot lift does the heavy lifting for you. Whether you’re raising heavy tools to the roof or lowering two tons of shingles to the ground, this roofing equipment improves your efficiency and maintains a much cleaner jobsite.

Lower the risk of property damage with its 4-foot roll-back feature, which allows you to position the container up and over customers’ flower beds, bushes, and other exterior features.

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​​The RB2500 is narrow enough to fit in tight spots but is capable of lifting up to 2,500 lbs. of tools, materials, or debris. 

Once you’re on site, fire up its 9-horsepower Honda engine to navigate this compact dumpster through alleyways, down narrow sidewalks and stone paths, nearly anywhere it's needed.

After filling the 1.76 cubic yard container, use the lift’s engine to drive the aluminum container to an on-site dump truck, trailer, or another disposal spot. The easy-to-operate control panel lets you raise the lightweight container up to 7 feet to easily dump the debris via the hydraulic tailgate. On-site debris disposal really can be that easy!

Lift materials up to your level with the RB2500’s 7-foot lift and secure the sturdy stabilizers to position the aluminum container right where you need it. This also cuts the distance debris will fall, helping reduce the risk of damage to your customer's property.

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